Joe Strycharz
Dog training
Frendly, competent dog handling and teaching
John took the time and trouble to train me as well as the dog. The dog and I are in a better relationship now.

Theresa costanzo
dog training
his work and my dog
He accomplished every thing he said.really does what he dog likes him and she doesn’t like everyone.

Peter B
my dog behaves
I had bullterrier his name was Max very stubern dog but John trained him I had
Max for 14 years best friend I ever had Thanks John

marcia dorta
obedience training
how well behaved the dogs were after training
John has trained at least 5 dogs for me over the last twenty years and I would never take any new dog to anyone else. He has a great connection with dogs and I really appreciate that. Thanks again John

Susan Schachter
dog obediance training
the results

I highly recommend this mans services. I have 4 dogs 2 rescues and 2 trained by John. There is definite differences between my obedience trained dogs and the ones that were rescued. I love them all but I have much less worry and problems with my dogs that understand their commands. My Max And Delilah are so well trained, no pulling in their leashes, no running and bolting out on the street to be hit by a car, no chewing shoe’s or furniture , no accidents just pure pleasure. They are awesome and so is John. Of course I love all my dogs but the 2 rescues are not as well behaved. John proved to me he was worth the money. Kudos’s to John I highly recommend him. Do your pets a favor too you’ll just love the results.

neil levine
obedience and house
no games like the store fronts, or franchises, just gets the job done!!!
when you call other trainers they just talk price….
john tells you his training approach, and backs it up…
two different dogs trained by him..last one was a dog rescued from the streets in Miami and found in a pound in Broward..we had to bring her back twice to john, but he got the job done…most lovable and obedient family dog now
he is unique….a true dog whisperer in Broward

marc nudel
2 week fulltime dog training
I have an extremely trained and well behaved dog.
I walk my dog without a leash
My dog has never made a mistake in my home
My dog is very social with other dogs and humans

Because of these facts, my dog is my best friend. thank you John!!!!

Lynn Leary
Dog training
John is very Thorough
When my husband and I looked for a trainer for our 2 year old German Shepherd Delgado, we spoke to so many that promised they could train her in no time. We came across Johns website and went to meet him. He immediately told us she suffered from fear aggression and lack of socialization. We knew after he spoke to us that he was going to be the right person to train Delgado. After she spent 2 weeks with him we were amazed at the transformation that she went through. She followed every command that he gave to her. We took the free lessons that John gives at the end of the training. To this day Delgado remembers all of her commands and is much easier to take out for walks.
John is the very best that there is, and we remain as friends with him. He is always only a phone call away. No matter how difficult you think that your dog is John will be able to help.

kimberly wilburn
see below
You can be the best dog trainer in the world but if you don’t know how to teach the owners it’s not going to work. With John, he trainned me and my dog and two years later she still knows all of her commands. I also take her for boarding and with his love for animals, it shows because she wagging and excited when she pulls up to his driveway. Awesome experience and I would highly recommend him. Keep up the good “fun” John… and I would say Work, but it’s really not for you as it’s a love you have. thanks for all you do!!!

you can be the best dog trainer in the world, but if you don’t know how to teach the owner then it’s not going to work. John was able to teach me as well as my dog which two years later she still knows all her commands and listens well. He also boards her. His connection with animals is evident and it shows when I take her and she gets excited to see him. He’s truly as AWESOME trainer and I would highly recommend him. Thanks John and keep up the good “fun” because you have a love for it I won’t say Keep up the good Work!

Travis Strittmatter
He did exactly what he said he could do, and he gives one on one lessons
I adopted a puppy about 2.5 years ago. The puppy was, how do i put it? OUT OF CONTROL! I’m a vet tech and have talked to several trainers and tried them. They couldn’t deliver what they said they could do. With much hesitation because of the rumors surrounding John about him being “hard handed” with dogs i gave him a try. I had nothing to lose except money. So i talked to John and he, like every trainer said O i can do this and that with your dog. So being at my wits end i tried him. He was definitely straight forward and blunt, but i like that because it showed he wasn’t playing games like some trainers. He gave me a tour of his property and i left my dog for 2 weeks. When i went to pick him up, i was AMAZED!! i couldn’t believe that my dog was so well behaved and did exactly as John said he would. My dog was not scared at all. He was so happy and i just couldn’t believe my eyes! I can say John definitely doesn’t hurt the dogs at all! He recommends taking couple lessons from him which are FREE! The best and i mean BEST part of the lessons besides being free. They are ONE on ONE, no other dogs, people, nothing, just you and him. Now he did recommend i take couple sessions after i picked up my dog but me being me, i didn’t. Now after about 2 years my dog wasn’t being the best we will say, (bad habits i let him get away with and didn’t follow training on because i didn’t take it). I called John and he said i “should have taken lessons” like he said. Which he’s right, because after setting up a appointment and working WITH HIM ONE ON ONE and did i mention they are FREE my dog has done a 180. I now know how to correct him and handle him so much better. His bad habits have started to go away. To tell you the truth it was more me than my dog. I needed the lessons my dog always knew what do to. So to wrap up this review, i would recommend John right out of the gate! He doesn’t hurt the dogs at all! He delivers RESULTS! I highly and i mean highly RECOMMEND take at least 3 and i mean AT LEAST 3 lessons until you get the hang of things. He definitely works with you and he truly does do wonders with dogs!