ABC’s of Dog Training offers Plantation, FL a comprehensive training program for you and your pit bull. As guardians of dogs often misjudged, we must be ever vigilant in our care and representation of these wonderful dogs. Through responsible pit bull ownership, we can all play a part in restoring the public image and perception of pit bulls. Pit Bull Training in Plantation, FL Our highly effective science-based techniques are fun, dog-friendly and taught with an emphasis on trust and cooperation so you can truly be your dog’s best friend. We train humans and animals with compassion, respect and positive reinforcement. NO force, pain, shock or startle. Choose from a wide variety of services to suit your needs and get ready to give your dog the freedom that training brings. Your dog will love you for it! Here at ABC’s of Dog Training we are dedicated to opening the bond between humans and their canine companions. We are committed to creating an environment free of bias or judgment and only offer our Plantation, FL clients honesty and ruthless compassion. Our highest priority is helping you become the parent that your dog needs so that you can take the reins and keep the peace. Aggression takes time to atrophy and it is imperative that you and your dog have a strong bond of respect and trust. We will help you and your dog overcome the language barrier between our species, so that you can start down the path to living a more peace full life.